Encouraging Debut For Syahrizal And Syahmi In MCS

Team Moda Machine’s driving duo Syahrizal Jamaludin and Mirza Syahmi made their successful debut in Round 3 of the 2019 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) as teammate when they competed in the SP2 Class of the series. The pair was driving team Brahim’s MSI Racing’s Honda Jazz GE managed by Megat Shazreal, which proved to be a new challenge for the duo, but completed the races on a high note.

During qualifying Syahrizal managed to scrape through to put the almost stock race car in 10th position on the starting grid. The MCS race presents a two-race format with each race being a one-hour long race beginning on Saturday and Sunday. With the knowledge that it’s almost impossible to bring the fight to other seasoned campaigners in the series along with straight line deficit, the team moved to work on the balance and handling of the car to improve their on-track positions with the help from F Tuned Racing Suspension, and amazingly it work over the course of race distance.

In Race 1 Syahrizal took up the first stint and quite remarkably gained some positions before making the mandatory pit-stop. Visibly their car had no straight line speed but the pair made up ground quite substantially under braking and through the long sweeping corners. No doubt the handling set-up dialed in by the crack team of F Tuned Racing Suspension did this favour and Syahrizal and Syahmi were able to do consistent lap times throughout the duration of each of the one-hour races. After the pit-stop Syahmi took over his driving duties but with some small mistake while about to exit the pitlane, he brought the car home in 7th place in Race 1.

Beginning from their first race finishing order Syahrizal once again started the race for Race 2 on Sunday morning. With him starting in the mid-field of the grid, things were about to get chaotic, and it did going into turn 1. As the cars scrambled into turn 1 not many were ready to yield any positions and there was contact among other cars. Syahrizal managed to avoid any contact and having to take evasive action and managing to continue racing unscathed, this move dropped him down to 10th position and now had a difficult task of playing catch-up in an underpowered car.

With the team crew now having to devise a new strategy to perhaps employ an undercut during the pitstop, Syahrizal had other plans. With the car having the capabilities to maintain a consistency pace over a long distance Syahrizal managed his pace well and even recorded a lap time of 2:53:007 minute which was the fastest time ever this particular car has ever recorded. With this running pace he was able to reach 5th position before handing the car over to Syahmi. The second stint for Syahmi did not go as well as expected due to traffic. But nevertheless the youngster managed to hold his position and even managed to dipped below 2:54 lap time and brought the car across the line in 8th position.

Reflecting on the race, both drivers only had positive review about the race, the car and the team management even though they did not finish on a high note. “This was an exciting race and quite challenging, and this is what a race driver like me enjoy most,” said Syahrizal. “Of course the target is always to win but to come here and compete into unknown territory is an experience and I’m sure the team too relish this kind of an environment and will definitely work on making further progress in the future. Hats off to the team for providing this great package,” Syahrizal added.

As for Mirza Syahmi, this is his second time competing in the MCS running with the same car and he had a lot of praise to his teammate, the management team and crew and F Tuned Racing Suspension. “Although we didn’t get to the podium steps but I’m still happy, happy knowing the fact that we made substantial progress to the car by just improving the suspension set-up. This made the car easy to drive for me and Syahrizal and I must give this credit to the F Tuned Racing Suspension. The changes allowed me and Syahrizal to drive consistently over many laps and this made us gained positions in both races. The pit-stop was slick and I have to thank our team manager Megat Shazreal for the strategy and the incredible management work,” said Syahmi.

As for the future, the team is deliberating on making another entry for Round 4. But should this happened, they have indicated that the team entry would be bigger and further announcement would be made in the coming weeks.

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