HG-Motorsport Bull-X Pre Cat Eliminator Downpipes for Audi TT RS / RS 3

The development, construction and production of high-grade downpipes with the “100% Made in Germany” seal of quality are core strengths of Bull-X – a brand of HG-Motorsport GmbH, based in Lübeck.

One of the bestsellers in Bull-X’s portfolio are the Bull-X Pre Cat Eliminator downpipes for Audi’s five-cylinder turbo-powered top models – the TT RS and RS 3. The downpipes, manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, can substitute the OEM components thanks to their precise “Plug & Play” fit. Fittingly, the Bull-X Pre Cat Eliminator downpipes for the RS 3 and TT RS are of the first generation (8P/8J, 340 hp) and second generation (8V/8S, 367/400 hp).

The rather complicated-looking design of the Bull-X downpipes has a purpose. Thanks to their larger diameter (inlet 112 mm, twin flutes 2x 63.5 mm) and CADconstructed pipe bend, which was developed on the basis of 3D flow analyses and prevents a narrow bend after the turbocharger outlet for maximum through-flow, the Bull-X Pre Cat Eliminator downpipes significantly reduce the dynamic pressure. The sophisticated casting method made it possible to do away with disruptive transitions inside the downpipes, allowing for maximum flow. The responsiveness has been noticeably enhanced as a result and even minor power and torque gains can be felt.

But the durability and stability of the entire system has also greatly benefited, by preventing build-up of heat in the exhaust housing of the turbo, its thermal loading is reduced – extending the charger’s life.

The Bull-X Pre Cat Eliminator downpipes optionally come with integral insulation, which reduces the surface temperature by at least 300°C, meaning that less heat is radiated to the surrounding, heat-sensitive components. This upgrade is particularly recommended for vehicles that are intended for the racetrack or that operate in the full-load range for longer periods of time, making many of the subsequent heat protection measures obsolete.

In Europe the version without insulation costs €799, while the version with integral insulation costs €1,098. All additional facts, as well as price and delivery information, can be obtained directly from HG-Motorsport GmbH.

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