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Fawster Motorsports presence can be seen at many racing events with their suspensions being recognized for delivering the demands of their clients. Never wanting to rest on their success, the team at Fawster Motorsports are constantly evolving, seeking new ideas and technology to bring their specialties in suspension on to a new level.

Heading Fawster Motorsports is well known figure in motorsports and multiple racecar champion Faidzil Alang, who would readily take up a new challenges. One of their projects was to sort the handling of team Speed Demon Motorville racecar, a turbo-charged Honda Civic EG6 racecar prepared by 22ProShop. “This was an exciting project for us as “mass inertia’ comes to mind and everyone knows that putting power to the ground with a high output engine and with strong torque to a front-wheel-drive car is going to be difficult. Setting up a suitable suspension for this sort of car is quite simply, just hard. There are over a dozen different inputs that go into your average suspension geometry, which also includes the overall chassis setup, all of which makes a major impact on how the car handles. Get it wrong and it could mean seconds of lost time on the track, or worse, a very difficult car to drive,” says Faidzil.

The project began modestly in 2017 season of the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) Championship with the mission of gathering data. Although the car impressed many that year, it was only in the 2018 season that the car was able to take the challenge for the overall title. And impressively, they did well by finishing the season as vice-champs in the closely contested Race Cars Open category.

“When we started this project we studied closely at the datas like spring rates, ride height, shock compression, rebound, alignment, and tyre pressure, to be certain that each of these items works hand-in-hand. It was a great project for all of us at Fawster Motorsports and also, to highlight our capabilities to sort out any issues pertaining to the handling of a racecar or even a normal road car. And with Speed Demon Motorville’s car it was quite an achievement for all of us, especially coming so close to capturing the 2018 title,” said Faidzil.

For the 2019 season, Faidzil continues his mission with team Speed Demon Motorville in the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) and they seem to edge closer to their target as they have notched up a win in Round 1 and finished 3rd in a chaotic Round 2 race of the championship series. As Faidzil mentioned, their work is not over just yet and now they are beginning to understand what works for the car and hopefully this would be sorted by the time they get to Round 3.

Of course Fawster Motorsports also specializes in your normal everyday car and they have a range of suspension kits should you want to further refine the driving behaviour of your car. Most of their suspension kits are tried and tested and can be your improved OEM replacement shock absorber. Compared to the standard shock absorber, Fawster Motorsports suspension kit offers higher performance reserves and allows for more precise handling. In addition, depending on what suspension kit you opt for, their product could offer a high comfort potential while giving your car a much sporty appearance.

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